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SEN 1000 doilies

The idea for this installation stemmed from Senninbari which are 1000 stitch [french knot] belts that women would make for their husbands going off to war in WWII. Ideally 1000 women would gather and each one would put a French knot in a belt. They would work on many belts – collectively infusing each one with the luck the hoped would keep their loved ones safe.

A longtime interest of mine is color and color theory – so for this project I decided to choose 100 colors of thread and create 10 doilies in each color. These can be arranged in a multitude of ways, by value, by hue, even randomized. Each set of 10 has a doily that connects to its threadball – these long threads dangle to the floor – activating that space and will act as a reminder of how the doily is actually made. A direct correlation to the Sennibari tradition, I relied on the kindness of both friends and strangers, over 45 people[and my mom] from around the world volunteered to help me make and install this project. Although it was not possible for us to gather in a gymnasium to make doilies, the power of the internet and global delivery helped connect me to these people. I am intrigued in how these doilies now represent all these individual lives as well… I know my doilies were taken to dance class, done in the backyard, done while watching movies – where were these other doilies taken? Each set of 10 will be slightly different as every person makes them with a different tension and a different style.


Marshall Astor -
Beth Bauler -
Wendy Crabb -
Tony Hoang -
Lost Boy [Finn] -


There were SO many that helped in Wichita. ALL [and I mean almost all - from director to marketing person] of the museum staff and some of their spouses, students, museum patrons, local amazing artists. The list is SO long [and really too long to type here]. I am so grateful for how the community rallied around this project I was also able to meet longtime internet friend Heather Smith Jones [who drove over 2 hours to help]. Iam particularly indebited to Jodi Throckmorton who invited me, and James Ackerly Porter - the prepator at the Ulrich who swore this was the most difficult installation he's ever undertaken.


The 1000 doily installation would not have made it onto the walls without the generous assistance of these fantastic people:

Connie Begg -
Jordan Bickett -
Sydney Cohen -
Bob Lake -
Sonya Phillip -
Stephanie Ritten -
Sophia Szeto -


The 1000 doily installation could not have happened without the generous support of these women from around the world. THANK YOU all so much !!!

My mother: Chihoko Solomon, Oakland, CA

Ellie Beck, Australia

Remie Bontrager, San Jose, CA

Magali Catteau, France

Amelia de Bie, Australia

Jacqui Dodds, England

Maitreya Dunham, Seattle, WA

Lisa Duran, Elizabeth, CO

Tanya Edgar, Victoria BC CANADA

Joanna Ehrhard, Switzerland

Regina Gonzalez, Los Angeles, CA

Susan Chosy Greblo, Madison, WI

Esther Hall, Columbus, OH

Erin Harris, Louisville, KY

Christine Haynes, Rancho Santa Marguarita, CA

Nicole Hirshau, Australia

Ailee John, Oakland, CA

Diana Jones, Australia

Catherine Lewin, Belgium

Jennifer Lovelace, Reston, VA

Joy Madison, Renton, WA

Andrea McKeen, North Easton, MA

Cynthia Monaghan, Baltimore, MD

Theresa Montague, Gillette, WY

Janise Munro and Elaine Haby, Australia

Morgan Anne Munson, Sweden

Boni Nesbitt, Canada

Tatiana Nevarko, Canada

Heather Robinson, San Francisco, CA

Jesse Lu Schrier, Albuquerque, NM

Grace Sharp, New Zealand

Melissa Marcin Sheets, Portland, OR

Marie Stanley, Gainesville, FL

Blair Stoker, Seattle, WA

Kate Ulman, Australia

Linda Vaughn, Oakland, CA

Francesca Vitali, Rochester, NY

Laurence Weus, France

Le Wei, San Francisco, CA

Jo Woolmer, UK

Carol Yingst, TX

Tine Zielinski, Denmark